Christian Resources

Spiritual Growth Tools

Linked Word Project
An online Bible with word definitions and study tools

A free Bible program to download onto your own computer

"Digging Deeper" Bible Study Worksheet

Printable worksheet to help you learn more from God's Word

One-Year Bible Reading Schedule
Printable schedule

Quiet Time Accountability Chart
Use this printable chart to track your daily Quiet Times by yourself or with a partner.


How to Pray for Missionaries


Baptist Mid-Missions

Baptist Church Planters

Baptist Children's Home

Just for Fun

Reverend Fun

Witnessing Tools

The Pocket New Testament League
Carry and share Gospels of John to spread the Word during your normal routine.

Our Baptist Fellowships

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches-
A fellowship of like-minded churches working together to grow as believers and spread the gospel.


Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches-
The Ohio chapter of the GARBC.

Marriage and Family

SMBBC Child-Safe Policy
Read the guidelines and rules that have been adopted by SMBBC to keep all children and workers safe.

Jelly Telly
A fun, faith-building, Bible-teaching website and show for children.

American Family Association

Protecting and strengthening the sanctity of marriage and family.


Answers in Genesis
Learn to defend your faith against "Evolution", the latest proofs of Creation, astounding facts of God's design, and much more.


Baptist Bible Institute of Cleveland
Get a Biblical and practical college-level education right here in North East Ohio.  Classes are held Monday nights.

Campus Bible Fellowship
Reaching University students through the local church.

Faith Baptist Community Center
Reaching the needy of Cleveland.